Friday, February 19, 2010


I was scammed a few times. That is why I am writing this Hub Page. I hope I can help or save someone before they get into it too deep.

I was like everyone else that is out there looking for that get rich fast scheme. I have tried a few and failed each time. But I have also learned a lot of what not to do. You can get your money back! Go on read.

When you think you have found a good deal make sure you research them first. Google them,, there are also scam sites
Save all the emails between you and them. Do not sign anything they may send in the mail until you have gone through the trial period and know for sure it will work.
Keep a record of dates and phone calls. Ask for the name and write it down
Print the page that has all the legal agreements and offer expires. They will come in handy.
I was almost scammed for $5,000. There was a period of 3 days for you to think it over and if you decided it was not for you then you call and cancel. When I tried to call and cancel of course I could not get a hold of anyone. I did leave a message on the voice mail and told them I was calling to cancel and it is in the allotted time period. This went on for a few days. Finally i called and said I was turning them into Better Business Bureau. He called me back said it was all cleared up I was canceled.

Well, when we got our credit card bill there it was, they charged us $5,000 plus the charge of a web page ($39.95) we were suppose to be using. My husband and I were going crazy. We did not know what to do. We didn't have $5,000 and we could not afford it added to our credit card.

Since being scammed before I had done a lot of reading of forums and scambusters web pages. I knew to keep records of everything . To print the legal agreement, warranties and guarantees. Take names and phone numbers to the people I spoke to. Document everything.

Your credit card company will be glad to help you. The fraud dept. doesn't like these scumbag scammers either. When I called my credit card carrier they hooked me up to the fraud dept. They were very good to me and helped me get out of that mess.They brought up about the allotted time in which I had to cancel but I had done it in time and that was because I printed off the legal agreement and saw I had the 3 days. I had all the phone numbers. names and dates I talked to these people documented and was able to give the info to the fraud dept. I NEVER signed my name to anything either.

It took a few months but the credit card company with the fraud dept got it cleared up. So don't just give in to these scumbags and let them have your money because you may think there is nothing you can do or you might feel embarrassed. I am proof $5,000 worth that you can get your money back. No need to feel embarrassed it happens to a lot of people.



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